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How many times have you heard this:
 “ We went to this new restaurant, had such a good meal but a terrible cup of espresso coffee”. 

Unfortunately we hear these comments more often than we should. And it begs the question, are these comments made because of the poor quality of the coffee that the restaurant uses, or is the espresso machine not a truly professional machine that can produce the delicious black nectar called espresso coffee? 
Perhaps its both. We, at Royal Falcon can quickly help you resolve the situation so that people will say;
“That was a great meal followed by a great cup of espresso and your cappuccino looked real good, let’s order another one”.

RFE to Attend 2013 HOST Milan Italy

Posted by: Anthony C. Marano-Ducarne Posted Date: 2013 October
Royal Falcon Enterprises / Grimac Royal Falcon is proud to announce that we will be attending the 2013 Host Fieramilano Trade Show in Milan, Italy from October 18-22. If you are attending as well, please visit us at the BFC Srl booth located at Pad 11, stand T52 / U11.
Please note that our offices will be closed from Wednesday October 16th through Tuesday October 22nd. We will reopen on Wednesday October 23rd for business as usual.
Please contact us with your orders for coffee, machines, or spare parts by Tuesday 10/15/13 so that we will be able to process them in time to ship before we close.

Orders and inquiries received while we are away at the show will be addressed when we return.

Royal Falcon Newsletter #1

Posted by: Anthony C. Marano-Ducarne Posted Date: 2013 October


 Welcome to the inaugural 


Royal Falcon Enterprises / Grimac Royal Falcon.


     We would like to thank you for your past patronage. We hope this newsletter will help us to serve you in future. We look forward to providing you with useful information about our outstanding line of espresso coffee machines, coffee, spare parts, grinders and accessories.



     You may be familiar with Grimac Royal Falcon Corp. (GRFC), the name that we have operated under since 1994. Soon you will begin to see greater use of our Royal Falcon Enterprises (RFE) name and logo. If you have visited our web site you have already seen the Royal Falcon Enterprises branding across the top. It can also be found on our downloadable Spare Parts Catalog. The Royal Falcon Enterprises branding helps to better identify the full array of industry products that we bring to you.



  • We are very proud to be the exclusive North American importer and wholesale distributor of  

BFC Srl espresso coffee machines, manufactured with the highest standard of quality.


  • We are also proud to offer you our very own outstanding Galletto d'Oro Espresso Coffee available in whole bean and pods, both 7g and 14g.

  • We continue to make available to the SERVICE INDUSTRY the most extensive inventory of Spare Parts for all brands of espresso coffee machines and grinders sold in the USA.

We invite you to visit to explore all of our products.



     Royal Falcon Enterprises (RFE) was incorporated in 1973 for the purpose of exporting commodities such as rice, appliances, cement, and even beer to customers met during business travels overseas that requested goods that were produced in the USA. The company never went too far beyond those types of transactions except for some imports of jewelry and components for semi precious jewelry, such as bangle bracelets, jade and sandalwood carvings, opals, turquoise, silver rings, Venetian beads etc. from places like: Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Ceylon, South Africa, Mexico, Ecuador, etc.



     In 1994, when we started to import espresso coffee with coffee machines and spare parts from Italy, the owner of the Italian espresso machine company that we would represent in the USA asked if we would add his company name to ours. Realizing how important it was to him to have his name in the USA we went a step further and told him that we would put his name in front of our company name, that idea made him very happy and thus was born a new corporation called Grimac Royal Falcon Corp. We are very proud of our GRFC history and the GRFC name will continue to be a part of our activity. To learn more about our rich history, please visit our About Us page.


Royal Falcon Enterprises Visits BFC Factory

Posted by: Anthony C. Marano-Ducarne Posted Date: 2011 October
Royal Falcon Enterprises  will be visiting the BFC Srl factory in Conegliano, Italy and also attending the Host Exposition at Fiera Milano.

We welcome you to visit with us at the BFC Srl - Coffee Machine stand at Pad 11, Stand T52 - U51.

I'll update details about our trip in future posts.

Should I Leave My Espresso Machine On 24/7?

Posted by: Anthony C. Marano-Ducarne Posted Date: 2009 September

The pros and cons of leaving the espresso coffee machine on 24/7

A question that is often asked regarding espresso coffee machines by restaurant owners and personal users.
The question is asked in many ways, here is one version.

“Is it better to leave the espresso machine on all the time?”

Keeping the espresso machine on twenty-four hours a day seven days a week is a carryover habit that goes back to the old, old days. Although I had a strong suspicion why they encouraged keeping the machine on 24/7, no one that I ever met in the USA could ever give me a logical reason. Some years ago, during to one of my stays in Milan, Italy I decided to pose the question to a young espresso machine technician that I met through a mutual friend and he told me the following.  His father and his grandfather and their acquaintances told him that the reason for keeping an espresso coffee machine constantly “fired” was because in the “old days” the material that was used to make seals and gaskets for the boiler and the pistons was very susceptible to leaks. This was due to the expansion and shrinkage that the copper and brass boiler experienced when it was heated and then cooled.
Back then it was almost a necessity to keep the boiler under some pressure in order to avoid extreme variances of temperature on the machine. Today those practices do not apply, primarily due to the development and use in manufacturing of new and better materials used for gaskets and seals that have greater elasticity and longevity.

Therefore, No! You do not have to keep the machine on twenty-four hours a day in order to insure good performance and the longevity of the gaskets and seals. 

But the espresso coffee machine should be in optimal readiness to produce steam to froth the milk, for cappuccino, and to have the correct hot water temperature that is needed to make a perfect espresso coffee. Therefore I recommend the following: In a commercial enterprise you want the espresso machine to be in perfect operating condition long before you anticipate serving your first client. To properly prep your machine you should do the following: Your one group machine, with a four to six (4-6) lit boiler, should be turned on at least a least 20-30 minutes before you need to use the machine, about 40-50 minutes for a 2 group compact with an 8lit boiler, about 45 - 60 minutes for a two-group machine with a 14lit boiler and about 90 minutes for a 3-group machine with a 21lit boiler. You will know when the boiler has reached its proper heat level by checking the monometer (gauge) on the front of the machine. It should read 1.2 to 1.3 bars. Usually the vendor or technician who installed or serviced your espresso machine, pre-set the pressurestat to allow the heat/pressure to reach the atmospheric pressure of 1.2 to 1.3 bars. Ideally he also measured the temperature of the water, with a hand held thermometer, as it was being extracted through the portafilter into the coffee cup. The extracted water temperature should be at plus/minus 5ºF of the desired average temperature of 190ºF. The plus/minus variance of is due to the switching on and off of the heating element that’s regulated by the pressurestat who’s job it is to maintain the average temperature of 190ºF. The variance will not affect the quality or the taste of the coffee.
Generally speaking the temperature should not be set below 185ºF or above 197ºF and the pump pressure on the gauge should be set at 9-10 atmospheric degree pressures. After the machine’s boiler pressure (heat) has reached the proper level and the monometer reads 1.2 to1.3 bars, you should run water through the portafilter as if you were making an espresso. Run it for about 40 to 50 seconds so that your portafilter is hot. You should also open the steam valve knob to release some steam to flush the wand, for several seconds. At this point your espresso machine is ready and you can now start to make excellent cups of espresso for yourself and your clients.

Many people, in the USA and the rest of the Americas, in general, like the Europeans and Asians, have become very energy conscious and prefer to shut down any electrical appliance that will not be used for an extended period of time. To simplify the starting-up and shutting-down of the espresso machine, today’s modern technology has created an automatic solution, for example; the LIRA machine, made by BFC, in the two and three group models, can be very easily programmed to turn itself on in the morning or turn itself off in the evening at the proprietors desired choice of time.

I hope that I was able to give a concise answer and some useful suggestions. What it really boils down to is that one should do whatever is most convenient and profitable for the operation of the enterprise without compromising quality. One can choose to leave the machine on 24/7, shut it down at night or plan to include the programmable on/off feature in your next purchase of an espresso coffee machine.

The Meaning of the word "Espresso"

Posted by: Anthony C. Marano-Ducarne Posted Date: 2008 December
First let’s start with the word Espresso; the Italian word espresso and its English counterpart, Express, both mean the same thing; fast or quick. In relationship to coffee, the proper way to use the word Espresso is to preface it with the word “caffè” - caffè espresso or espresso coffee. Otherwise in Italian you could be speaking about anything “espresso” even an espresso train – express train. A caffè espresso refers to a cup of coffee made with a “Macchina per caffè Espresso” an Espresso Coffee Machine that was invented in Italy many, many years ago. The Espresso coffee machine is designed to quickly and efficiently push hot water, with some pressurized steam, through finely ground coffee. This process will quickly "express-like" extract the best essences, flavors and natural oils that are contained in the ground coffee. Thus producing a rich aroma, a very pleasant taste and a crema di caffè (coffee cream) while leaving behind all the other unnecessary and uninteresting flavors.


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