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BFC Espresso Coffee Machines

Espresso Machine

The espresso coffee machine was invented by an engineer named Luigi Bezzera and patented on November 11, 1901 in Milano, Italy. The machine was basically a steam engine that was fired ether by wood, charcoal or gas. The boiler was the heart of the machine and its primary function was to produce both pressurized steam and hot water. These steam-driven machines were used to push hot water and steam through several piped outlets, which terminated into baskets that contained finely ground coffee. This process would produce a fast (espresso) and frothy cup of coffee called “Caffè Espresso.”

Espresso Machines Are Powered by Steam, Piston or Pump

The original steam-driven espresso machine still exists today and does not use moving parts to produce a shot. It is mainly used in lower-cost models that are designed for in-home use. 
In Italy, in 1945, a piston-driven machine was invented by Achille Gaggia. The internal piston was attached to an outside lever. When pulled by the operator, the lever would cause the piston to force hot water and steam through a basket containing approximately 7 grams of finely ground coffee, extracting one to two ounces of frothy liquid. 
Commercial establishments, such as restaurants and coffeehouses, are most likely to use pump-driven machines with multi-operational configurations. These machines often feature automatic coffee grinders as well as fully motorized parts and can produce many shots of espresso in a short period of time. 
Royal Falcon Enterprises, Inc., a Grimac Royal Falcon Company, is the exclusive importer and wholesale distributor of BFC Srl espresso machines. BFC is a worldwide recognized brand and enjoys the reputation for manufacturing espresso coffee machines with the highest standard of quality. The machines are used in commercial settings such as high-end white tablecloth restaurants, hotels and resorts. Royal Falcon Enterprises, through its Grimac Royal Falcon company is also known for the wholesale distribution of spare parts, not only for its own equipment but also for all other makes of espresso machines. 
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