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BFC Espresso Coffee Machines

Espresso Machine Parts

The first espresso machine, powered by steam, was invented at the turn of the 20th century and did not contain any moving parts. Steam pressure drove the 200 degree Fahrenheit water through coffee grounds to produce a very fast and frothy beverage. Later versions of the espresso maker were piston or pump driven, with many different parts functioning to produce the same result.

Modern Espresso Machine Parts

Today's espresso machines are far more advanced than the first steam-driven model invented in 1901. With semi or fully automatic features, the need for human intervention to pull a shot of espresso is minimal. Some models have automatic electronic-dosing devices to determine the exact measurement of liquid needed and a self-adjusting water-level feature to extract the ideal shot of the specialty coffee. All types of espresso machines, automatic or not, need a heating element to heat the water to near-boiling temperatures and a portafilter to hold the coffee. Modern equipment of this type contains a motorized pump to force the water through the grounds. With daily use at home or in a commercial dining establishment, it is inevitable that at some point parts will wear wear down. Replacement parts for imported machines can sometimes be difficult to locate, which can be troublesome for small-business owners whose livelihood is based on coffee sales. 

Royal Falcon Enterprises, Inc./Grimac Royal Falcon is an exclusive manufacturer representative of Italian espresso machines, coffee-bean grinders and related accessories. Royal Falcon carries a very large inventory of replacement parts for a variety of brands, besides it's own, as well as optional components, such as steam wands, knock boxes and water softeners. 
Commercial Espresso Machines 
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