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BFC Espresso Coffee Machines

Commercial Cappuccino Makers

An espresso coffee machine is a specialty piece of equipment used to make or pull, as it is called, a shot of espresso coffee. Espresso coffee is a fast extraction of flavors from high quality roasted and ground coffee beans; espresso coffee is a very flavorful concentrated serving of coffee that originated in Italy but is now served in coffeehouses and fine restaurants worldwide. Commercial kitchens in larger restaurants and cafes may opt to use multi-group machines that are capable of extracting more than one drink at a time. Aftermarket accessories may be installed on the machines in order to create other coffee drinks like cappuccino and caffè latte.

Espresso Coffee Machines in the Commercial Workplace

Commercial espresso machines are generally available in one, two, three or four groups - stations; each one is able to produce one to two servings of espresso coffee simultaneously. In a busy coffeehouse, this is a huge time saver and allows the wait staff to attend to other duties, without needing to wait for a free machine. The multi-group espresso coffeemakers contain very large boilers, generally ranging from 4 to 26 liters, and require a large amount of energy to function. It is recommended that business owners to install a dedicated electrical breaker to the equipment. One advantage of using a multi-group machine in a commercial setting is that this piece of equipment can pull double duty in the same space. Optional attachments can be used to create beverages other than just espresso. Frothing devices can be installed to froth milk for cappuccino and caffè latte. Hot-water spouts can dispense water for tea and hot chocolate.
Royal Falcon carries a large selection of espresso coffee machines for commercial use as well as replacement parts and coffee accessories including the Cappuccino Master®.
Commercial Espresso Machines 
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