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BFC Espresso Coffee Machines

Coffee Grinders

The coffee grinder is a relatively modern invention that was popularized in the 19th century. Prior to using a special machine to grind coffee beans, people used food mills, mortars and pestles and even rocks to crush beans into a powdery substance suitable to steep into a drink.

Coffee Grinders Then and Now

In earlier centuries, special attention was not paid to the size of coffee grounds as it is today. The grinders were manual and the grinding teeth were not easily adjustable. Getting a decent grinding of the beans was very labor intensive. When electricity started being used for small machinery, the notion of variety changed. It was now possible to control the size of the grounds and subsequently, the flavor. Through trial and error, coffee drinkers learned that the smaller the particle is, the more flavor there is in the end result. Today's coffee grinders can be adjusted to produce the ultra-fine grounds needed for a densely-flavored espresso and almost powdery grind for Turkish coffee as well as larger grinds for milder coffee drinks. Modern grinders allow you to grind coffee beans to the consistency required by the type of machine used. An espresso machine using pressure to produce a densely flavored beverage needs very fine grounds. A regular coffeemaker that either percolates or drips does not necessarily require the same. Plan to use the grounds fairly soon after grinding to preserve the flavor of the bean.

Royal Falcon/Grimac is a seller and importer of high-end espresso machines, coffee grinders and related accessories. And also carries a large inventory of spare parts required for espresso machine repairs.
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